Private Bag X136, PRETORIA, 0001 Poyntons Building, 124 WF Nkomo Street, Cnr WF Nkomo and Sophie De Bruyn Street, Pretoria, 0001, Tel (012) 305 8589


CLOSING DATE: 29 September 2017 @ 15H45


 National Head Office: Pretoria (Ref: HO 2017/09/01) An all-inclusive remuneration package of R 1 689 750.00 per annum is offered The package can be structured according to the individual’s personal needs A non-pensionable HOD allowance equal to 10% of the annual all-inclusive remuneration package is also payable (Five year contract) The service of a dynamic, versatile and experienced senior manager is required to fill this position. The successful candidate will be expected to enter into an employment contract of 5 years and to sign an annual performance agreement with the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services. Although the appointment of the National Commissioner will be made in accordance with the requirements of the Public Service Act of 1994, the conditions of employment will be regulated through the Correctional Service Act, Act 111 of 1998.

Requirements: An undergraduate qualification (National Qualifications Framework (NQF) level 7) and a post graduate qualification (NQF level 8) as recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). 8-10 years’ experience at a senior managerial level (of which 3 years must be as a senior manager in any organ of state as defined in the Constitution, Act 108 of 1996). Competencies and Attributes: Wide knowledge of all mandates applicable in the Public Service and specifically to the criminal justice cluster. Extensive knowledge of government policies in relation to financial and human resources. Knowledge of the functioning of the Public Service and the government programme of action. Policy development. Diversity management. Strategic capability and leadership. Performance information management. Innovation and creativity. Project, programme, conflict, financial, facilitation, transformation and change management. People management and empowerment. Problem solving, decision-making and presentation skills. Risk and compliance management. Coaching and mentoring skills. Interpersonal relations. Service delivery and client orientation. Management of security systems. Knowledge of the Management Information Security Systems (MISS). A high level of integrity and honesty. Key Performance Areas: The successful candidate will sign a performance agreement with the executive authority and will be in control of the department as Accounting Officer. He/she will be responsible for rendering expert advice to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services on the functioning of the Department and for the transformation of the corrections system in South Africa. To this end, he/she will be responsible for providing strategic advice to the Minister on the work of the department in the areas of corrections, rehabilitation, care and social reintegration of offenders/inmates. He/she will be responsible for the development and articulation of the overall strategy of the Department of Correctional Services in line with the priorities of government. As the Head of Department, he/she will be responsible for ensuring the attainment of the goals of the Department of Correctional Services enunciated in the RSA Constitution and other legislation, including the Correctional Services Act, the White Paper on Corrections in South Africa as well as the White Paper on Remand Detention. As the Accounting Officer the successful candidate will have to ensure the existence of effective governance systems in the Department to ensure compliance with the Public Finance Management Act and provide strategic direction on all key policy issues that confront the Department of Correctional Services. Further responsibilities include the maintenance of sound relations with internal and external stakeholders, including oversight bodies such as Parliamentary Committees, Cabinet Cluster Committees, the Auditor General of South Africa (AGSA), the Office of the Inspecting Judge and the National Council on Correctional Services (NCCS). The successful candidate will also play a pivotal role in the development and implementation of policies and strategies of the African Correctional Services Association (ACSA).

2 CHIEF DEPUTY COMMISSIONER: HUMAN RESOURCES National Head Office: Branch: Human Resources (Ref: HO 2017/09/02) Salary: R1 322 898 all-inclusive package Requirements: An undergraduate qualification (NQF level 7) and a post graduate qualification (NQF level 8) in Public Administration/equivalent as recognized by the SAQA. 8-10 years of experience at a senior managerial level. Relevant experience in regulatory framework governing Public Service planning processes. Extensive experience in collective bargaining mechanisms and traceable experience in ensuring efficient and effective human resources management. Computer literacy. Valid driver’s license. Competencies and attributes: Coordination, leadership, monitoring and evaluation skills. Service delivery champion. Diversity and change management. Planning, organizing, client orientation, customer focus and good communication skills. Performance information management. Risk and compliance management. Understanding of Public Service policy and legislative framework. Ability to network. Diplomacy, tactfulness, influence, impact and strategic capability skills. Policy development, financial management, project and programme management skills. Problem solving, analysis, decision making, people management and empowerment skills. Integrity, honesty, confidentiality, interpersonal relations and assertiveness. Facilitation and presentation skills. In-depth knowledge and understanding of Public Service human resources’ transformation agenda and the ability to convert policy into action. Responsibilities: Provide strategic guidance and advice with regard to the following areas: Human resource management, human resource development, organizational design and development, employee relations, integrated employee health and wellness and equity and gender related matters. Provide sound financial management leadership to the Department with regard to the compensation of employees’ budget for the Department as a whole and for the human resources’ branch. Play a leading role in the design and implementation of all human resource strategies and tactics to ensure that the department achieves its strategic goals and objectives. Management of sound labour relations. Strengthening good working relations with strategic partners, clients and stakeholders (both internal and external). Management of human resource, finance and assets.


 National Head Office: Office of the National Commissioner (Ref: HO 2017/09/03) Salary: R1 087 803 all-inclusive package Requirements: A NQF level 7 qualification in Security Management or equivalent qualification as recognized by SAQA. 5 years’ experience at a senior managerial level in a comparable environment. Security clearance. Computer literacy. Valid driver’s licence. Competencies and attributes: DCS/Public Service management knowledge. Knowledge and understanding of security management dynamics. Management of tactical operations and specialised units, intelligence and counter-intelligence operations and strategic analysis. Knowledge of strategic planning. Programme and project management. Research. Financial and change management. Diplomacy and negotiation skills. Risk management. Strategic capability. Knowledge management. Problem solving and analysis. Client orientation and customer focus. Communication. Responsibilities: Provide strategic security advisory services. Formulation, review, monitoring and evaluation of security policies and procedures. Interface with Justice, Crime Prevention and Security (JCPS) Cluster departments. Management of clients, stakeholders and service providers. Strategic management of security services. Management of human resource, finance and assets.


 Klerksdorp Management Area (Ref: HO 2017/09/04) Salary: R914 928 all-inclusive package Requirements: An undergraduate qualification (NQF level 7) as recognized by SAQA in Public Administration or equivalent. 5 years of experience at a middle/senior managerial level in a similar environment. Computer literacy. Valid driver’s licence. Competencies and attributes: Policy development and implementation. Project, programme and change management. Plan, organise, lead, control and facilitation skills. Problem solving and decision making. Financial management. Team leadership. Service delivery innovation. Safety and security awareness. Presentation skills. Conflict management. Report writing skills. Transformation and change management. Pro-active and vigilant. Coaching and mentoring. Ability to work under pressure. Good communication skills. Service delivery and client orientation. Understanding and adherence of public service and correctional services policies and legislative frameworks. Knowledge and understanding of the regulatory framework of the justice cluster. Responsibilities: Management of corrections, parole boards, corporate services, development programs, care services, correctional centres and community corrections. Ensure the implementation and adherence to policies and procedures within the management area. Establish and maintain an effective relationship with key stakeholders. Oversee the administration of security systems/programmes including comprehensive risk assessments to ensure safety. Management of the operational risks within the management area. Management of human resource, finance and assets.


 Office of the National Commissioner (Ref: HO 2017/09/05) Salary: R914 928 all-inclusive package Requirements: An undergraduate qualification (NQF level 7) as recognized by SAQA in Public Administration or equivalent. 5 years of experience at a middle/senior managerial level in a similar environment. Computer literacy. Valid driver’s licence. Competencies and attributes: Strategic capability and leadership. Project, programme, financial and change management. Integrity and honesty. Knowledge management. Service delivery innovation and creativity. Problem solving and analysis. People management and empowerment. Client orientation and customer care. Communication. Good work ethics. Confidentiality. Interpersonal relations. Time management. Openness and transparency. Ability to influence and create impact. Tact and diplomacy. Willingness to travel. Decision making and knowledge of national and foreign protocol. Responsibilities: Support the National Commissioner. Provide secretarial services to the National Commissioner in the execution of his/her tasks. Rendering secretarial assistance to the National Commissioner in Pretoria and Cape Town. Provide administrative support in the office of the National Commissioner and the Department. Management of human resource, finance and assets.


 National Head Office (Ref: HO 2017/09/06) Salary: R914 928 all-inclusive package Requirements: An undergraduate qualification (NQF level 7) as recognized by SAQA in Security Management or equivalent. 5 years’ experience at a middle/senior managerial level in a comparable environment. Security clearance. Computer literacy. Valid driver’s licence. 4 Competencies and attributes: Knowledge of Correctional Services Act, Regulations and relevant policies that govern Correctional Services. Excellent leadership. Sound knowledge of security processes and integrated security systems in a correctional environment. Ability to work in a highly pressured environment. Negotiation skills. Pe ople management. Financial management. Problem Solving. Planning and organizing. Time management. Strategic planning. Policy analysis and development. Good communication skills. Group dynamics. Diversity management. Facilitation, coordination and leadership skills. Change and knowledge management. Responsibilities: Management of security services in correctional centres. Develop a business plan in line with the strategic objectives of the Department. Management of policies regarding security programmes. The management of infrastructure for security services. Management of human resource, finance and assets.


 National Head Office (Ref: HO 2017/09/07) Salary: R914 928 all-inclusive package Requirements: An undergraduate qualification (NQF level 7) as recognized by the SAQA in Computer Science or equivalent. 5 years’ experience at a middle/senior managerial level in networks and infrastructure management with at least Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certifications. Computer literacy. Valid driver’s licence. Competencies and attributes: Knowledge of Public Service Regulations. Good presentation skills. Analytical thinking. Listening skills. Strategic capability. Good report writing and communication skills. Problem solving skills. Extensive knowledge of Network Architecture and/or Topology. Extensive knowledge of server infrastructure technology, video and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony. Experienced in Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Experienced in infrastructure management. Project and financial management skills. Responsibilities: Plan, design, acquire and deploy a functional network. Maintain infrastructure for core applications, communications and internetworking technologies. Design, deploy and maintain an IT infrastructure including video, IP telephony, backup and disaster recovery infrastructure. Manage desktop support activities, configuration management process and IT procurement process. Negotiate with vendors, outsourcers and contractors to secure network products and services. Manage the communications function on IT related infrastructure issues. Manage risks for infrastructure related matters. Conduct research and make recommendations on network products, services, protocols and standards in support of network procurement and development efforts. Manage the tender specifications and serve on the tender specification committees. Management of human resource, finance and assets. Note:  Before you apply: All costs associated with an application will be borne by the applicant. The Department of Correctional Services is an equal opportunity employer. The Department will take into consideration the objectives of Section 195 (1) (i) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act 108 of 1996) and the Employment Equity Act, 1998 (Act 55 of 1998) in filling of these vacancies. It is our intention to promote representivity in respect of race, gender and disability through the filling of these positions. In support of this strategy, applicants need to indicate race, gender and disability status on the application form/CV. Applicants who have retired from the Public Service with a specific determination that they cannot be re-appointed or have been declared medically unfit will not be considered. Please take note that correspondence will only be conducted with the shortlisted candidates. If you have not been contacted within three (3) months of the closing date of the advertisement, please accept that your application is unsuccessful. Please do not call the department to enquire about the progress of your application. Applicants must note that further checks will be conducted once they are shortlisted and that their appointment is subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include security clearance, security vetting, qualification verification, and criminal records verification. Appointment to some of these posts will be provisional, pending the issue of a security clearance. If you cannot get a security clearance, your appointment will be re-considered/possibly terminated. Finger prints may be taken on the day of interview. The Department of Correctional Services reserves the right not to fill any of these advertised posts. 5 Applications: Applications must be submitted on form Z83 (Public Service Application form), obtainable from any Public Service Department, and must be completed in full. Applications must be accompanied by a CV, copies of qualifications, identity document and valid driver’s licence. All copies attached must be certified a true copy of the original and not older than three months. Please send a separate and complete application for each post you apply for, stating the correct reference for each position you are interested in. Faxed and e-mailed applications will not be accepted  Candidates must comply with the minimum appointment requirements  CV’s should be aligned to reflect one’s degree of compliance with the advert requirements and responsibilities. It is the sole responsibility of an applicant to ensure that their application reaches DCS before 29 September 2017 @ 15h45. All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a technical exercise that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job, the logistics of which will be communicated by the department. Following the interview and technical exercise, the selection panel will recommend candidates to attend a generic managerial competency assessment (in compliance with the DPSA directive on the implementation of competency based assessment). The competency assessment will be testing generic managerial competencies using the mandated DPSA SMS competency assessment tool. Indicate the reference number and position you are applying for on your application form (Z83) and post your complete application to: Department of Correctional Services, Post Advertisement Section, Private Bag X136, Pretoria, 0001 OR hand deliver at: 124 WF Nkomo Street, Poyntons Building, Cnr WF Nkomo and Sophie De Bruyn Street, Pretoria, 0001 (Previous: Cnr Church and Schubart Street). Contact persons: Mr Y Naidoo 012 307 2079/Ms M Marais 012 307 2977/Ms TP Baloyi 012 305 8589.

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