Do you have drive’s license and grade 12?.If you.Apply for METRO POLICE TRAINING PROGRAMME 2017

The City of Johannesburg hereby invites applicants who are interested in

undergoing an intense training programme, to qualify as Johannesburg

Metropolitan Police Officers, to apply

Terms of training and possible employment: Metro Police Trainees will be

accepted and undergo training for 18 months. Upon successful completion

of the training programme, trainees will be considered for employment

as Metro Police Offi cers.

Requirements: The Applicant must:

Be in possession of a valid Senior Certifi cate (Grade 12) or equivalent;

A Traffi c Warden Certifi cate;

Be a South African and a permanent resident of Johannesburg Metropolitan area;

Be between the ages of 18-35 years;

Be healthy, physically and mentally fi t (Medical Certifi cate required);

Have no criminal conviction (excluding previous convictions relating to political activities in the previous dispensation);

Be prepared and willing to allow his/her fi ngerprints to be taken for purposes of checking criminal records;

Be profi cient in English; and

Possess a valid minimum Code B driving license (manual transmission).

Personal attributes: The incumbent should be reliable, honest, have a

positive attitude, be patient, to work under pressure, under all weather

conditions and shift hours.

Terms of training: For the duration of the training: (12 months Traffic

Officer Qualification and 6 months Law Enforcement: Skills Programme(.

The trainees will be subjected to terms of the training contract. The

City will pay a stipend in compliance with its policy. The Trainees must

be willing to undergo abnormal training, including after hours without

compensation and willing to participate in a vigorous training programme

(physical, firearm and practicals).

Upon completion of the training: The incumbent must take the Oath of

Offices as determined by the Municipality. He or she will be deployed to

any area within the City of Johannesburg Municipal boundaries

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